As an avid runners, both me and my husband enjoy the outdoors.  We launched this site for those that are active, run or play with a passion whether it is competitively or just as a hobby (like us).

Both me and my husband met when we were running – don’t know if this is coincidence or destiny.  Whenever I am running, I usually carry or tuck in a small towel as I sweat a lot.  This towel comes in handy when I sweat a bit more than usual.  Fortunately for me, while running and wiping my forehead, I dropped the towel.  To my surprise, a young man running from the opposite direction caught hold of my dropped towel, and gave it to me.  Guess what happened next.

I was head over heels seeing this young, handsome, Chester smile guy and one thing lead to another and now I have 2 kids with him.  Can you believe that?

Anyways, our intention with this site, is to educate our readers on our experiences and products that we use on a daily use.  I guess as runners ourselves, expect more of running shoes and articles related to the same.  As an example, one of our most popular article is Best Running Shoes for 2017.

You can always contact us via Contact page or write to me at mandy at online shoe brands dot com.