Most Comfortable Running Shoes 2017

Are you looking for the most comfortable running shoes 2017? If you are, then you have come to the right place. We have our testers to try the running shoes this year. We have come up with few findings. See our results below and hopefully you’ll make a good decision in purchasing the shoes. Based on our testers’ opinions, here are the best running shoes for men women. Keep in mind that we only focus on most comfortable running shoes 2017.

1. Hoka One One Bondi 4

Hoka brand has been there for a while. These shoes are super comfortable and provide such good support for all the wearers. They come in good design with plenty of colorchoice. It is categorized as neutral shoe, compatible for trails and roads. It also offers maximum cushioning.

2. Altra Olympus 2.0

Do you want to run conveniently when hitting the trails? Try this one. It offers great quality cushioning. We know that running on trails can be hard. Thanks to the maximum cushioning tech of this shoe, you can make it.

3. Brooks Glycerin 13

Brooks Glycerin 13 is favorable because of its soft cushioning, allowing the runners to run in maximum comfort. It comes with rounded heel which provides good support for your feet. In term of stability and flexibility, you can rely on this one.

4. Under Armour Speedform Gemini

This model has been popularly known as one of the most comfortable running shoes ever. It is proven by the breathable feature in this shoes. It also provides great comfort that you will praise. Coming with various colors, you can pick one which is suitable for you. Not to mention that the molded toe cap makes this model more durable and stable.

5. Hoka One One Vanquish 2

If you are looking for lighter shoes, this is a great choice for you. This will provide such a great support for your shoes. The hi-abrasion rubber zones makes it a durable and supportive shoes for every runner.

6. Saucony Triumph ISO

With this model, you can reach your dream to be a regular runner. One feature which we’d like to mention is the Isofit upper which adapts to the shape of your foot. It provides such great stability thanks to the supporting frame. It is also breathable and shock absorbing.

7. Mizuno Wave Enigma 6

Not many runners know about this model. But it is a great option for those who want to train routinely. It is lightweight and flexible. With such good shock absorption and breathability, you can train for hours without feeling discomfort.

8. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

It is neutrally cushioned shoe from one of the best brands in the world. It is selling well in the market for good reason. People love the luxurious look of the model. But as good as its appearance, it is lightweight and flexible. In term of usage, it is a great choice for training and long running.

Now try any one of these most comfortable running shoes in 2017 and let us know what you think of.  If you have an alternate choice, let us know that as well.

Top 10 Best Nursing Shoes for Women 2017

Nursing is undeniably a tough job. All nurses are obligated to be steady in their post to walk, and even run to rush the patients to the Accident and Emergency department. So they need to be comfortable to effectively deliver their duties. By this we meant that nurses must have quality and comfortable nursing shoes.  We have compiled a list of top 10 best nursing shoes for women.

Statistics shown that 3 out 10 nurses in the US have been suffering from back and feet pain. One of the factors is that they do not wear the right shoes. Considering the nature of the work, it is important for nurses to take a look at the best shoes for them.

If you are a nurse, you’ll agree that this job requires strong feet. Such long shifts will put tons of pressure to your feet, moreover if longer workweeks happen. This is when you need shoes which give you good support for these necessities. Some pairs in the market are specifically designed for nursing tasks. But some of them are often not supportive, and even not attractive.

But you don’t have to stick to these. In fact, there are shoes which can be professional, versatile and fashionable. There is no doubt that one of your jobs is to make people feel comfortable. So you’ll just to make sure that you are comfortable to make others feel the same. We realize that looking for products which match your criteria can be time-consuming, considering your long shifts cost you more time. That’s why we’ve come up with the list of best nursing shoes for women.

1 – Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog

Dansko is one of the most prominent brands of working shoes. The signature lines of products are elegant yet professional. The unique design of Dansko women’s professional patent clog has been admitted by thousands nurses around the world. Most of them are satisfied with the shoes performance since it does a great work to solve joint problem, and support back alignment really well. This is an incredible shoes to support the nurses professionality without hindering their fashion statement.

2 Birkenstock Boston Professional

Birkenstock Boston Professional nursing shoes have been considered as one of the most versatile products. Not only the design, its versatility is the reason why medical professionals decide to wear these for their shifts. Many nurses choose this brand because the nursing shoes provide tons of benefits. They are stylish and professional. But more importantly, they provide good support for maintaining feet durability and health for the long shifts. Most reviewers found out that the shoes fit well and let their feet to breath and rest well. With such stylish design, these can be matched with any suit.

3 – Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks is also one of the most renowned brands for working shoes. The brooks addiction walker nursing shoes are purposely designed to provide good support for folks who exploit their feet often. Many users with joint problems are also helped with these shoes. From the reviews we gathered, these can eliminate any foot condition and chronic discomfort. If you have pronations or other feet problems, then Brooks Addiction walker can make a great option.

4 – Birkenstock Super Birki Unisex Clog

These clogs are an excellent choice for all nurses who are fond of Birkenstocks brand. The smart design of the shoes helps the users to walk freely and naturally. We notice that reviewers have been satisfied in wearing the clogs because they reduce back and joint pain. Moreover, they can improve the posture of the feet well. The shoes provide enough space thanks to the wider design of the shoes. Indeed, they give benefits for long-standing shifts. These shoes do a great job in improving your posture and gait.

5 Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam

Skechers brand has been favored by many female nurses. One of the best products, Skechers Women’s loving life memory foam is favorable because they are simple, affordable and comfortable. Moreover, they are durable and easy to maintain. The users are able to clean it easily. Many reviewers give the thumbs up for its comfort. Some of the users claimed that they wear it like they did on the slipper. It is purposely designed to give such nice feels like sock or slipper. So you can expect light shoes which make your movement easier and more comfortable.

6 – Merrell Pro Grip Work Clog

Merrell Pro Grip work clog is popularly known for their comfort and quality of shoes. Reviewers have given a good appraisal on these. These pairs have been the best choice for messier workplaces. They will keep your feet dry and protected from any harsh environment. We know that many rooms in the hospital are very rugged and tumble. Well, these shoes are the perfect choice to deal with them.

7 Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog

Croc has been very popular choice amongst youngsters, walkers, workers, more especially nurses. Their clogs are a top choice because they give tons of benefits for the wearers. The reviewers claimed that these shoes are odorless, comfortable, soft and convenient, as well as lightweight. Because of these factors, gone are the days where the nurses feel pain on their feet and have to wash their feet often. Regardless demanding works, many nurses can manage the long shift when wearing these clogs.

8 Klogs USA Women’s NAPLES Mule

If you are dealing with wet or oily environment on daily basis, then Klogs USA Women’s NAPLES Mule makes the great choice for you. The well-designed cushioning and quality outsoles provides anti-slip performance and maximum comfort for all the wearers. The good thing about these pieces is that both insoles and outsoles are durable and long lasting. So you won’t see your shoes broken anytime soon because of your rigorous activities.

9 – Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip-On

Renova Professional Slip on is one of the best pieces from Timberland Renova series, which are specially designed for workers including in the healthcare industry. Women’s Renova slip-on provides such great support for the wearers so that they won’t experience fatigue. Our reviewers claimed that these could provide all-day comfort for those who spend their time for a long shift. These are designed anatomically for the durability and style. Leg and back support are the most selling points of this product.

10 – Nurse Mates

As the names suggest, these shoes could be your best mates. The white nursing shoes not only promote good design but also feature arch support and good protection for your feet. Moreover, they are very durable and reliable for hard activities. No matter how busy you are, you won’t feel exhausted, thanks to your best mates.

I think it is fair to say that if you pickup any one of them, you will not be disappointed.

Top 10 Nike Shoes

Nike is arguably the most popular brand for athletic shoes. We have gathered the top 10 Nike shoes. Many runners trust the brand for its quality and interesting design. If you are looking for a pair of Nike shoes for your running companion this year, look at this top 10.

1. Nike Free RN Motion Fyknitis

Your natural running will totally be with this number one Nike line. Nike Free RN Motion Fyknitis a flexible, super lightweight, and extremely comfortable shoe which is designed to cater ultra-long runners. The cushioning system is also soft and very supportive for runners. It is the best shoe for natural runners.

2. Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015

Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is the combination of two of the best Nike technology: the upper of Flyknit and the cushioning system of Air Mas. The Flyknit coverage makes the shoe very breathable. This shoe also provides sufficient arch support, extremely comfortable wear, and a responsive ride.

3. Nike Flyknit Racer

If you are a neutral runner, Nike Flyknit Racer will give you a fun and comfortable ride. Besides, the shoe also has a commendable security as well as a tasty style with its interesting color schemes. Your feet will stay dry because of the breathable material.

4. Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Looking for a versatile pair of shoes that you can take everywhere? Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 should be your best companion. Running, training and casual walking on the shoes will all be comfortable with this beautifully designed shoe. The shoe’s support also follows the natural shape of the foot.

5. Nike Lunaracer 3

The style and appearance of Nike Lunaracer 3 will definitely impress you. Besides being eye-catchy, the shoe is also very comfortable. The lightweight shoe is good for many activities such as training and walking. Runners will be supported by the responsive underfoot cushioning.

6. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

With the price of this shoe, you will definitely get a good deal. Pegasus 33 is an extremely comfortable shoe with breathable materials. Besides the comfort, you will also find the style appealing. It has many color options and superb traction. The shoe is durable and strong enough for high-mileage running sessions.

7. Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3

If you need a shoe which is not irritating to your skin, you should definitely consider Terra Kiger. It has a seamless upper design and an impressive lacing system. The show provides a low underfoot support and an impact shock absorbing system. The shoe which fits well to most runners’ feet is also very durable.

8. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10

Vomero 10 surprises most of Nike’s customers by its lightweight nature that never fails to deliver a comfortable ride. A good support and a smooth transition are provided by the shoe. The special design with flywire cables ensures the shoe’s hold on the foot.

9. Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

The 4th version of the Free Flyknit line has a top-tier flexibility and appealing designs and color schemes. The shoe provides an underfoot comfort and an awesome fit.

10. Nike Air Zoom Structure 19

The comfortable shoe is good even for runners with the narrow or wide foot. It has a responsive midsole construction which is able to provide smooth transitions. The shoe is durable and pleasant to the eye.

I think you will agree that you cannot go wrong in buying any of the top 10 Nike shoes listed. Each shoe has its pros and cons but the technology and know-how that goes in is absolutely stunning.

Top 3 Places to Buy Nursing Shoes

Nursing shoes are one favorite every day shoe since they are very comfortable to wear for a long period even with a high mobility. The name is given since the shoe is commonly used by nurses who mostly are on her foot mending the patient. Mostly nursing shoes made from rubber sole that allow the user move swiftly without slip and lightweights materials. However, the most important aspect in choosing and purchasing a nursing shoe is the ultimate comfort. This is a loyal ride that patiently moves with you without giving any blister and pain.
There are many kinds of shoes that can be dubbed as a nursing shoe, such as clogs, crocs, tennis shoes, and usual sneaker. The clogs and slips on are the most favorable by caregivers as they are sturdy, long lasting and practical. To pick the best nursing shoes that can handle your every need, one will require a good shopping partner; here are the top 3 places to buy nursing shoes

1. Scrubs and Beyond

Scrubs and Beyond are widely known as one caregiver sanctuary of working gears. They provide anything from coats, footwear to medical equipment. You can find the best choices for nursing shoes, all in style and high-quality materials. Scrubs and Beyond also endorsed a lot of trusted and favorite brand for nursing gears, such as Dansko and Skechers. They also have the best deals and promotion for nurse and caregivers, with free shipping for orders more than $125 and free returns at any store nationwide.

2. Payless

If you want affordable but high-quality shoes, you may want to check Payless. It is like they always have some clearance deals and often throw great discount and promotion without any special occasion. Therefore, do check their site regularly so you will not miss out their generous offer. Payless also offers great shipping deals with free shipment only for $25 as well as free returns at any store. Furthermore, they usually have its own brand or collaborate with another brand to make special product lines for them. You will find a great variety of selection and types of nursing shoes, all in distinctly chic and cool styles.


The new sporting gear supplier on the block, can be your personal favorite online footwear shopping site. The brand new site offers a leisure and efficient shopping experience with their simple yet detailed online store. They offer wide selection of the latest trend as well as provide the best lines from top sports gear and nursing shoe brand with nice deals and competitive price. More importantly, Online Shoe Brand provides meticulous product reviews and suggestion from testers and professionals. You can easily compare one product to another and find the most suitable item per your needs with their original editor’s pick and product descriptions. The also arranges a practical purchasing system with trustworthy payment method and convenient products returns. Their customer care center is available every day at your service and sincerely working hard for customers’ satisfaction.

Top 5 Best Running Shoes For Men Under $100

It is an old belief that you can never get anything good cheap. Although one of the reasons why a product price soars is definitely material and production quality, there are other costs that can be cut down to keep a product affordable. Running shoes are no different. While there are a lot of running shoes priced at a range impossible to obtain by a casual runner, you can still buy a good pair with a budget less than $100.  Here are five of the best running shoes for men under $100.

Saucony Cohesion 9

Saucony Cohesion 9 is the definition of “quality can be cheap.” This is one of the best shoes for your daily run on the road. Priced at around $60, the shoe is considered as an awesome deal by a lot of people. Runners like the shoe because the features and components are built efficiently. The midsole is responsive and comfortable and the cushioning system helps soothing discomfort and even muscle pain. Besides, Saucony Cohesion 9 also has appealing color schemes. You will love the pleasant style.

Asics Gel Venture 5 

Are you a trail runner that needs a good pair of shoes to tackle the rough terrain for your daily running exercise? You can get an affordable one. This particular Asics shoe is not only good to use on the trails but also on the pavement.The versatile shoe’s cushioning unit provides some arch support for runners with supination. It also provides a smooth landing with the best comfort. The sizing is precise and the sturdiness of the built is reliable. Moreover, you can get a pair with a price starting from around $80.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 2

This is another daily running shoe with a versatile functionality. The shoe is good to use both on the terrain and on the road as a casual use. Many people praise the shoe for its comfort, support, and design. The color schemes of the model are also interesting. The material of the upper unit is breathable and comfortable. The cushioning system provides adequate response and a good support. Runners can obtain this lightweight shoe for Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 is the perfect running shoe for people looking for quality performance at an affordable price. This shoe is sold for around $75-$105 a pair.


Merrell All Out Charge

You won’t be disappointed to pick a pair of Merrell All Out Charge shoes as your running companion on rough trails. This is a good terrain shoe despite its lightweights and flexibility. The shoe which is priced at around $70/pair also provides arch support and stability.  Runners are also generally pleased with the color options.

 Altra One 2.5

This new enhancement by Altra is good to use for tempo running. You can use the shoes both on the road and terrain. The upper part provides more comfort with breathable cover materials. The special rubber technology for the under sole unit gives a better traction and flexibility. It is also more durable compared to its predecessors. You can get a pair by paying just under $100.

I think you will agree that both Merrell and Altra are new to the field but have made significant strides in their offerings.  These two companies have a pair of shoe which is not only great value for money, but also well designed.  Your wallet does not need to dictate what you wear.  These two are significant competition to the big brands you may be used to in the past.  I hope you like our pick of the best running shoes for men under $100.  If you have other options you would like to highlight, do let us know in comments below.


Top 3 Best Running Shoes for Women Under $100

Whether you occasional runner or avid adventurer, invest good running shoes is never a bad decision.  Most of us are looking for that perfect running shoe which is cheap and perhaps even under $100. High-quality running shoes will give your more protection from injuries and make your daily exercise a comfortable one. Sadly, all those nice gears are not coming at a cheap price. Especially for a woman, who sometimes tempted on those cute athletic clothing and fancy workout outfit. It is very important to choose a nice running companion that is affordable, comfortable and supportive.  Below are the top 3 best running shoes for women under $100 in our opinion.

The good news is, looking for affordable shoes are not necessarily choosing between bad products. There are some lines from trustworthy brands that create fine quality rides in decent and friendly prices. They also offer a lovely design and style that could light up your everyday exercise. For those who are an occasional runner, who only looking an affordable pair to wear several days in a week, these models are suitable for daily use as well.  While they do have some lacking, they still can be your dependable running partner in your daily exercise.

BROOKS Ravenna 8 

Brooks’s latest design on its Ravenna line has been a grace for a runner who needs affordable good rides. It is a very lightweight piece with a decent support and fine stability. The heels are slim with a bouncy cushion that can support your natural movement quite well. The middle part is not really snug and perfectly cage the foot, but not too loose until it affects your run. Although not available in many color scheme, the default design of Brooks Ravenna is quite nice and lovely for women running shoes at around $95 price range.

ADIDAS Supernova Sequence 9

If you looking for affordable running shoes that still can offer great support and cushion, Adidas Supernova Sequence will be the right answer. Available starting for $80, these shoes have mid sole designed to absorb shock and ground impact really well, while the cushion is responsive enough for fast pace and combination of terrain. The mesh design allows the upper part having an excellent breath-ability and the seamless overlays create a well-fitted wrap. This line also suitable for those who prefer simple and classic style, with the best option between basic silver and light blue.

ASICS The Gel-Noosa Tri 11 

For you who love being the center of attention and have a unique taste, ASICS The Gel-Noosa Tri 11 will be the best choice for you. Come in colorful and vibrant paint splattered concept, this glow in the dark shoes can be your next favorite night running partner. With a nice price range from $85, these shoes offer gel cushion on the rear and fore part to lessen shock and toe-off phases. It is also quite flexible with its Propulsion Trusstic Technology. The sole have the fine traction that allows stable footing and stride in the wet surfaces, while the laces system is designed for practical in-and-out. This shoes also a sufficient option for overpronation runner, as it has reliable support and stability.


I think choosing any one of the mentioned shoes for women, you cannot go wrong. They offer great features, functions at a much more affordable price than others.  Each one of them is backed by proprietary technology which makes them at par with each.  Our favorite pick though is the funky looking ASICS.  Its color combination is unique, attractive and quite eye catching.  Most of the time when I wear them and walk, most passer by are enamored by the colors of the shoe.  If you feel that there are other shoes that warrant the designation of top 3 best running shoes for women and are under $100, then let us know in comments.

Top 3 Best Running Shoes for Women Under $200

As one of most popular sport for women, running has been a reliable exercise in keeping a healthy and ideal body. Besides cheap and practical, a daily run can bring a lot of benefits and efficient calorie burner routine. Peaceful morning routine or night steady stroll will also one of healthy mood lifter. Especially for women, who tend to be stressed out easier with daily activity.  Pick one of the top 3 best running shoes for women under $200 and you won’t regret your decision.  For a cheaper alternative though equally effective use the top 3 best running shoes for women under $100.  If you are man looking for the same then look at our top 3 best running shoes for men under $200 and similarly for an equally cheaper alternative use the top 3 best running shoes for men under $100.

If you are a daily runner, you will need a good-quality pair of shoes to accompany your road adventure. Picking a decent one that can meet all your need can be tricky since every shoe has its advantages and weakness. It does not have to be expensive, but it should compliment your feet very well to avoid unnecessary injury. The key is to keep trying until you find the most comfortable one that can support your pronation very well, as well as light and responsive. So here are the top three latest running shoes under $200 that might worth your consideration.


This is like some kind of special present from Adidas for all women. UltraBOOST X is a stylish ride with a refreshing color scheme and practical model. The toe area is wide open and offers great breathability for long distance or heavy daily run. The lacing system is responsive to any movements, while the outsole designed to follow typical stride of women. It also offers greater stability that another women’s running shoes with free-floating arch and slimmer heels. The midsole is created to inspire its name, with thousands of energy-infused Boost foam capsules cushioned every stride and giving a boost of power. Adidas UltraBOOST X was introduced at price around $180, but still is one of the best running shoes for women under $200.

2. NIKE LunarEpicFlyknit 2 

Nike Flyknit series has been all time favorite running companion with its luxurious sock-like upper part. LunarEpic Flyknit 2 is available on price around 160$ and promise to bring ultimate comfort even in heavy duty exercises. The support is extremely breathable and will ensure your feet stay dry and happy even after all day wear. It has an incredible shock absorption which will give cloudlike feeling in your every pace with its Lunarlon Technology. The outsole is using laser-cut pots on the rubber for better cushion and traction on landing when you need it the most. LunarEpic Flyknit 2 also give cheerful color option such as hot punch, electro green and medium blue.

3. SAUCONY Triumph ISO 3 

The third generation from Saucony Triumph ISO series offers a snugger upper design with engineered mesh fabric with lesser overlays. It gives secure feeling while at the same time making the ride more supple and comfortable. The midfoot cage is now using an adaptation from ISOFIT technology which allows more flexible movements than the previous series. The heel pad still uses 3mm layer of EVERUN foam which bring a dependable cushion and springy stride while the landing zone now is wider and have decent resiliency which will add more energy for heel striker. At 150$ price point, the Saucony Triumph ISO 3 is a reliable and much more comfortable running shoes for woman with plusher and more responsive cushioning system.


Best Running Shoes for Women 2017

Comfortable running shoes are important to wear in every situation and on every road condition. World’s top running shoe brands keep releasing their best products to compete in the market and cater to the need of the individuals. What are the best running shoes for women 2017? Here are the top ten to pick!

Adidas Boost ESM

These shoes are recommended by most neutral runners because of their reliability, stability and quality materials. These $170 shoes provide mild support for the runners’ mid-foot while worn on the road. As the name suggests, it offers a boost™ mid-sole technology to increase the user’s energy return while running.

Adidas Boost ESM

Adidas Boost ESM


First and foremost, these shoes have aesthetics quality due to the color options available. Women who value style as much function will love these. However, they don’t trade comfort for aesthetics.The combination of supportive upper unit, the smooth and responsiveness of the cushioning system, and the midsole technology that doesn’t only support the foot well but also provides energy return make Adidas Boost ESM the best running shoes for women.


The shoe falls on the expensive tier of the consumers’ running shoes in the market. The more or less $170 price probably worths it, but it is still possible to find running shoes with similar qualities but with a price far less expensive than that. Besides, although most runners claim that the midsole technology provides the best comfort, some complain that it is a bit too stiff which prevents it from being super responsive. The outsole is also relatively too thin for some people.

The Salomon Snowcross CS

People who are looking for shoes to run in winter should check this. It is great to wear even on uneven, snow-covered terrain. Salomon Snowcross CS is a unisex shoe so women should subtract 1,5 size for adjustment. This shoe has a waterproof membrane on the upper so no runners have to worry about drenching their feet in a rainy or snowy weather.  The outsole will grip soft wet grounds impressively due to its’ Mud and Snow Contragrip lug pattern featuring 9  metal spike spins. The lightweight midsole foam will provide underfoot cushioning while absorbing impact shock.

The Salomon Snowcross CS

The Salomon Snowcross CS


Because of the ClimaShield membrane, this is definitely the best running shoes to wear during the winter. The design doesn’t only prevent the foot from getting wet, but also dry because of its breathable material. Running on a trail track is safe and easy with these shoes because of the gaiter design that will protect the wearer against dirt, snow, and rocks.It is also comfortable to wear. Another positive point is its outsole’s durability and effectiveness in tackling snow-covered ground.


Because of the specific winter run designs and its protection technology, the shoe comes as too heavy and overwhelming for some people. The weight influences the runner’s speed and comfortability in running. The heel area is also considered too narrow sometimes, so these are definitely not the best running shoes for wide feet.

Saucony Cohesion 9

As the number 9 in the Saucony Cohesion series, these road shoes are created with adjustments to make them better than the previous versions. There is a significant enrichment in the visual appeal by putting more detailed designs and color schemes. The overlay system is now thinner but covers more areas to improve the security of the lacing system The outsole unit is now thicker with more rubber layers. The high-quality materials will ensure the durability of the outsole.This model also has an increased number of flex grooves for better flexibility in the area of the fore foot.

Saucony Cohesion 9

Saucony Cohesion 9


This is one of the best running shoes for women that is true to its size. It also accommodates different foot shapes and types. People also mention that the shoe is comfortable because of the cover system and cushioning. There is a Heel Grid system with added cushioning to prevent runners’ discomfort and injury. A good heel system is important in running shoes because most of our body weight is supported by the heel while running. In this model, the cushioning system is effective in delivering both support and responsiveness. Another added benefit is the color schemes which improve the shoes’ aesthetics value so women can run in style.Finally, these shoes are cheap so it’s a very good investment.


Some customers reported that the mid-sole unit doesn’t have enough flexibility to offer a freedom for foot’s natural movement.This creates a feeling of discomfort. Contrary to most runners that give a positive response to the cushioning system, some mentioned that the system doesn’t work efficiently.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

The 8th version of Adidas Supernova Glide Boost boasts some of the most advanced company’s technology from top to bottom. The shoes are designed to provide comfort, security, and responsiveness to use by neutral road runners. It is also lightweight but resilient so the runners shouldn’t feel weighed down by their shoes.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8


Many people are satisfied with the shoes’ performance in providing support and comfort. The cover system doesn’t cause uncomfortable feelings on the runner’s skin. It is secure but also gentle.The mid-sole unit is well-cushioned with lightweight and flexible sole for a stable ride. This is, in fact, one of the best running shoes for supination. The heel section is completed with a special rubber compound technology that provides high-level grip on all kinds of surface condition. Even if the road is wet, runners are protected from the slip. The sole units are designed with quality and durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. Moreover, as the name suggests, the boost technology gives an energy boost while protecting the foot from landing impact. Overall, this is a good shoe for a long-distance run.


There is no option for different widths which should probably be considered to make this neutral road shoe the best for every foot type.

Asics Gel Venture 5

Asics Gel Venture 5 is a trail running shoe which is also good to use on the roads. Its versatility makes runners feel comfortable to use the shoes on a variety of surfaces. The shoe has a good plush cushioning system which provides arch support and a secure and protective upper unit.This 5th Version of the Gel Venture series is created for the best outdoor adventure running experience.

Asics Gel Venture 5

Asics Gel Venture 5


The rubber materials protect the sole unit so runners can use it multiple times on rough surfaces without having to fear abrasion or breaking down. This makes the shoes sturdy and durable. However, it is also nice to wear on the roads and pavement, so runners can benefit from the multifunctional nature of the shoes.Asics Gel Venture 5 is also good for people with supinated foot motion because this is one of the best running shoes for arch support. The midsole unit is more minimalist but the EVA foam that can be found from the back to the front along with its Rear Foot GEL  is a good cushioning system to protect runners’ heel. People with high arches need special shoes because the way their weight is distributed may cause instability and injuries. These shoes will help to stabilize the movement.


Some people complain about the sizing although it is not a widespread problem. There was also a report that the stitching on the upper part was not done well enough that it fell apart not long after the purchase.

Saucony Omni 15

Saucony Omni 15 is one of the best running shoes for flat feet. Many people with overpronation give their approval for this shoe. This praised the shoe’s ability to support and provide stability, both when used for daily activities and running on the road.This shoe also has a good foam technology for a responsive ride.

Saucony Omni 15

Saucony Omni 15


Saucony Omni 15 is a comfortable shoe. Many runners commented that they didn’t even have to adjust themselves to the shoes before getting comfortable.The heel and collar sections didn’t irritate the skin by wrong rubbing. Runners with overpronated foot motion feel that these shoes help them a lot in providing stability which makes Saucony Omni 15 one of the best running shoes for overpronation. The model has a good cushioning system, flexibility, and robust arch support. Besides, they are also responsive and durable. At last, the shoes also provide some visual pleasure which can be an important factor for many women.


Some runners claim these shoes are too heavy which drag them down while running. Although the heel section is fine, the lacing system area sometimes uncomfortably rub the runner’s skin so it is recommended to wear socks while running with these shoes. The toe box is also not wide enough for some people.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Nike Pegasus line has a long-standing history. The 33rd version in the line, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33, is here to continue the legacy of this world’s number one most popular running shoes. Nike has succeeded to please the market with this version. Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is now among the top 1% most popular running shoes in the world. Compared to the previous versions, this one boasts the upper hand of improved performance, versatility, and style. This shoe can also be obtained at a reasonable price.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33


Many runners who purchased these shoes considered the low price is such a beneficial investment for the quality, comfort, and style offered by the Pegasus 33. Even when used for high-mileage runs, the shoes still deliver its promise of comfortability. The 10 color combos will accommodate the aesthetic needs of different individuals. It also has a good traction that makes it certain that Pegasus 33 is one of the best running shoes for women.


Some reviewers complain because the toe box is narrower than the previous edition in the line. Besides, it also runs heavier and stiffer. There are also complaints about the shoe laces that sometimes come undone while being used on the streets.

ON Cloud

On Cloud comes with more lightweight built and very good cushioning. The CloudTec technologies protect runners from the landing impact and boost energy returns. The honeycomb pattern makes the shoes grip the ground firmly.

ON Cloud

ON Cloud


Runners who purchase On Cloud love the lightweight construction of these running shoes. The cushioning delivers comfort as well as flexibility for the wearers. The impact protection technology doesn’t disappoint either. Runners commented that it has the right impact protection that suits their needs. The landing is soft and safe. Moreover, the shoes come with interesting colors that can be candied for the eyes.


Some customers who purchased the shoes warned about the durability of the shoes. After a few months of normal usage, some parts started wearing out. There were also reports that some sand or stones entered the shoes while being used for running.

Merrel Bare Acces Arc 4

This is considered the best product from the world’s 11th most popular running shoes brand. Merrel Bare Acces Arc 4 is a neutral minimalist shoe that will make a great companion for both competitive and casual runners. People around the world feel comfortable enough to use the shoes for long distance running. This is also a product which pleases animal lovers because of its vegan-friendliness.


This lightweight shoe is appreciated by runners because of its unbulky nature. It is the type of running shoes which can be used for a lot of activities, from running for fun on the road to joining a competition as an athlete. These shoes even comfortable and stylish enough to use for walking.Every part of the shoe is made of durable materials. There is an anti-microbial coating on the mesh lining that will ensure healthier and cleaner environment for runners’ shoes. At last, this is one of the best products to choose if you are a vegan since none of the components and materials of the shoes are animal-based.


Some runners reported that these shoes are a bit too narrow. Besides, the support for the arch is not enough so overpronators aren’t recommended to wear these shoes.

Hokka One One

Some long time runners and people who do not increase their distance will develop shin splints. To prevent the condition from getting worse, it is important to choose the right running shoes. Hoka One One is the most popular and the best running shoes for shin splints.


The shoes don’t irritate the skin by rubbing against the runners’ feet. This makes the shoes comfortable to wear for a long time. The cushioning system succeeds in delivering the best underfoot comfort. Moreover, the mid-sole is strong and robust so the landing impact is minimized. The runner’s midfoot area is supported with comfort because of its curved arch design. This lightweight shoe also has a good surface traction.


Some people complain that the sizing is a half size smaller than common sizes. Besides, there are also reports that the sole unit is not very durable.


Best Running Shoes for Men 2017

If you are avid runner like us, then you are probably looking for a good pair of running shoe.  Shoes that are not only comfortable and fit you perfectly but also superior in technology to enable you to go that extra mile.  It is our attempt to educate and help the reader understand what are some of the options for the best running shoes.  We have tested most, talked to a lot of people, reviewed tons of websites on the net and have outlined some of the best running shoes for men 2017.

This year bring the best running shoes for men right on your track with strong competition from high-end brands. From technology, quality, and outer design, each brand has its goodness and weakness in presenting a suitable running shoe for everyone. Of course every brand has tried their best to create a comfortable yet supportive insole, stylish yet durable outer design as well as strong yet responsive out sole. But still, what is the best of the best option for runner’s each need?

Before you determine your criteria for best running shoes for men, you will need to know and understand several points bellow:

  • What kind of running will you be doing and how long a distance would you travel
  • Are you looking for fun, exercise routine and how long a period would you want to do the activity
  • Are you plagued by any recent injury or physical limitation
  • How is your foot arch type and condition

It is not about the best brand or the price tag, those point above are the key points to determine the most suitable running shoes that you need. Take time to browse and read expert review and tester opinion will also help giving a deeper view of the choices. You do not have to pick the first interesting type that come to your attention, comparing it with other type or brand will not hurt you. For your convenient, we round up 10 best running shoes for men depending on usage and physical condition.

1Running Shoe for Daily UseSaucony Guide Ride 9Saucony
2Running Shoe for Daily UseAdidas Energy Boost 3Adidas
3Best Running Shoes for Flat FeetMizuno Wave Inspire 12Mizuno
4Best Running Shoes for High ArchesBrooks Glycerin 14Brooks
5Best Running Shoes for Over PronationBrooks Adrenaline Gts 17Brooks
6Best Running Shoes for Wide FeetNew Balance 1080v6New Balance
7Best Running Shoes for Shin SplintsAsics Gel Kayano 22Asics
8Best Running Shoes for SupinationAsics Gel Kinsei 6Asics
9Best Running Shoes for CompetitionNike Flyknit RacerNike
10Best Running Shoes for CompetitionON Cloud SneakerOn Running

Running Shoes for Daily Use

Saucony Ride 9

Saucony Ride 9

For daily use with neutral arch, one of the best running shoes for men is Saucony Ride 9. It offer lightweight and comfort for daily use and come in a very worthy price. The new Tri-Flex Out sole stabilizes ground contact and has great durability utilizing two type of rubber. Even though it has more rubber, the shoe still is can maintain its flexibility. For Upper part, Ride 9 use Flexfilm instead of sewn thicker fabric they have used before. Many testers have said it is a versatile shoe that is easy to use under different speed and distance. Also, it has good ventilation and RUNDRY material which is very useful to keep moisture away. Style wise, this line comes in several color option and have decent design.

Adidas Energy Boost 3

Adidas Energy Boost 3

Other option comes from Adidas with its Energy Boost line. Adidas Energy Boost 3 is suitable for wide range of usage, such as running session, workout, aerobic, or casual walk. The out sole is quite solid and give a fine grip and moderately responsive upon impact. The mid-sole technology can make each step lighter and bouncy. This shoe is also considered as the best running shoes for runners in all level with its comfortable middle sole topped with an EVA rim as well as reliable out sole grip. In terms of visual, many users think that it has quite cool model and color.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet owners are more prone to injury without a reliable running shoe support. In a common case, the foot arch will be the absorber of ground contact, but flat footed runners will collapse their arches when they hit the ground while running.  This condition can lead to ankle sprain, muscle sprain and knee injury due to overcompensating if the runner does not use a proper shoes.  The best running shoes for flat feet runner must have excellent stability to help secure the feet and avoid extra rolling movement. A good support is also important to provide decent cushioning for ground contact which their arches failed to do.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 has a perfect combination of comfort and support. The interior padding is designed to help stabilizes foot on ground contact also enhance the cushioning. The padding comes with removable feature which make cleaning process easier. The heels still using Mizuno’s “Infinity Wave” technology that deliver a great balance of responsiveness and transition, which allows smoother motion. As one of the best option, Wave Inspire 11 will provide everything needed for your running experience.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Men with high arches have to deal with uncomfortable effect after a daily running exercises, such an ankle sprain, shin splits, or even ligament rupture. This may happen because of lack appropriate support in that particular arch. The requirement for the best running shoes for high arches is comfortable neutral running shoes with reliable support; a mid sole cushioning that can handle extra shock with excellent absorption. Some prominent arch mound also has to be one of the shoe features. It will support your foot muscle and avoid unnecessary pain in the middle of the foot.

Brook Glycerin 14

Brook Glycerin 14

Brook Glycerin 14 has an ultra comfortable ride due to its sock-like fit and plush interior. It is also lighter than the previous type, which help maintaining longer running distance. The mid sole are highly cushioned using a heel to toe insert that contain gel like compound. That insert allow the midsole absorbs the force of impact quite well while still be able to preserve its flexibility. Some testers also have proven its durability for daily use in road terrain. All in all, this line makes one of best running shoes for high arches feet with its near pillow-like cushioning and dependable support.

Best Running Shoes for Over Pronation

Pronation is the way your foot rolls inward excessively after receiving impact from landing. For men who have flat feet or low arches, their inner edge- mainly big toe and second toe- will do the major work instead of ball of the feet. Motion control types will be the best shoes for over pronation runner, which more emphasizing in stability and sturdy heels. If the shoe has more room, lightweight, and breathable enough for long run will be a nice plus point.

Brook Adrenaline GTS 17

Brook Adrenaline GTS 17

The 17th upgrade of Brook Adrenaline GTS is one of the best shoes for men who want to combat their over pronation problem. Its cushioning system is acknowledged for being responsive, supportive and durable. Despite its bulky look, Brook Adrenaline GTS 17 is a lightweight and comfortable ride. The fore front section is roomy enough for moderate pace and long distance without causing blister or pain. Brook also elaborates the inner section with their “Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar” that will help correct your steps and give more natural running session. The visual also praised working well enough and reflective for night time running.

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet

For men who have a wide feet, a well fitting and roomy shoes is very important for keeping their performance while running. Too tight fore front will cause blister and uncomfortable, while lacking of grip makes the movement lousy and less bouncy. New Balance 1080v6 proposes a perfect balance of comfort, support and fitting cushion for those who have a wide foot. It is recommended for long run without stopping and other sport activity like work out, aerobic and fast walking.

New Balance 1080v6

New Balance 1080v6

The upper fabric gives a secure feeling that wrap around the foot’s contour snuggly. Though it seems quite bulky to accommodate wider feet, surprisingly it is lighter than it seems. New Balance use fresh foam cushion for this model that promote ultra cushion for neutral user. This technology makes the ride smooth, steady and robust even after many uses. It is available for men in 2E and 4E- the widest width fitting, which make their line best running shoes for wide feet.

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints

Shin splints refer to a pain along the inner tibia that cause by exercising. Commonly, long time runner or those who does not increase their distance gradually will get this problem. The muscle, tendon, and bone tissue around shinbone got some inflammation that will cause medium to severe pain from your muscles in inner tight along a mild swelling. This will also get worse if you have a flat foot or do not wear proper running shoes.

Asics Gel Kayano 21

Asics Gel Kayano 21

For men who want to prevent shin splints or already diagnosed with that problem may consider Asics Gel Kayano 21. With Duomax Support System, Asics present higher sole density that will give better support and reduce the effect of landing impact for inner heels. The FluidFit technology holds your feet firmly and comfortably using its multi-directional stretch mess and reinforcements. In addition, Asics also use durable rubber technology on the outsole for more formidable exterior in all weather. With such a high technology and super comfortable support and design, choosing Gel Kayano 21 as one of best shoes for shin splints is not overrated.

Best Running Shoes for Supination

Supination sometimes considered as hereditary issue will cause the outside part of your foot handle all your body weight when you are running. For men with this issue, they can opt for curved running shoes to help balancing body weight and ground impact. The shoes also must be well cushioned and have prime flexibility that allow foot move freely riding them in each strike. The shape and mechanism of insole cushion of best running shoes for supination is a key point since it needs to maintain foot position as natural as possible to avoid shin splints, fracture, or ligament injuries during practice.

Asics Gel Kinsei 6

Asics Gel Kinsei 6

As mentioned above, Asics promotes best technology in designing running shoes for special case, like supination. It Kinsei lines has proven by many tester as one of exceptional choices. Asics Gel Kinsei 6 has gender specific midsole for more detailing shock absorbing feature. Furthermore, the gel substance of Asics FluidRide 2.0 ensures responsive and springy stride with more dispersed ground impact. The heels cup hold perfectly and give secure feeling even on fast paced or long run. Spacious front areas are built for variant user foot size with its roomy and breathable design. It also uses wonderful High Abrasion Resistant Rubber which deals quite well with elements and grounds. Bonus point is their vibrant colors and nice design that will get all attention on the track to your ride.

Running Shoes for Competition

Nike Flyknit Racer

Nike Flyknit Racer

Lighter shoes are very important for running with specific goal, such as marathon or sprint. For that reason, a marathon shoe usually need to be lightweight, comfortable, and provide some arch support and springy. Nike Flyknit Racer designed with sock-like fabric around the foot that minimizes the chance of getting blister and irritation. With responsive and springy cushion, most reviewer feels assured riding this shoe both for competition and daily use.  It also has great ventilation that makes your feet stay dry during long run and distance. Most importantly, it uses light material with fancy color and design which make this line one of the best running shoes for man and pro runner.

ON Cloud Sneaker

ON Cloud Sneaker

Another great champion racing shoes is ON Cloudflow Sneaker with its high level performances. It is a comfortable companion for long distant running, and a responsive one. It has lower profile than other shoes and a very pleasant daily wear as well. For competition, the cushion provide good support, firm grip and quite bouncy in each stride. The sole unit uses Cloud-Tec sole which translated to 18 “cloud” items could help reduce pressure and ground impact. The material for upper is a seamless springy mess that works very well with each motion. The best part of ON Cloudflow is its capability to response in all terrain such as gravel, pavement, dirt path and even wet surfaces and snow.


However, in choosing the best running shoes for men that will suit your need and physical condition will require more care and effort. Every man born with different foot contour and outline which lead to different preference of best cushion and sole grip that work best for them. Even if you have similar foot problem or injury, you might find some other brand has better grip and more comfortable than what other thinks working quite well. To make sure you get the best running shoes, try as many models as possible and feel their grip and response. Do not forget to measure the correct size and give your toe plenty room to stretch naturally. Too tight shoes will cause blister and irritation, while lousy one can lead to ankle or muscle strain. Exercise regularly and gradually extend your running distance for the best performance.

Even though you can buy any of these shoes from a local shoe store or one of the many chain stores in your area, we suggest buying from one of our links to support us and all the students who we support by giving out scholarship.